Do you remember using film to take family pictures or snapshots of your vacation? Finishing that roll of film and then taking it to the store or lab to have it developed and printed?

If you don’t, that’s ok.

Let me tell you about the ‘film’

and why you should consider using a photographer for your wedding, that shoots with film!

comes in various sizes – 35mm, medium format 120 or 220 and also large format sheets.

I use 35mm as well as medium format film. Medium format is larger and a little more versatile.

And you can print larger images with this size if needed.

Both Kodak and Fuji are the primary producers of professional film.

My preference is FUJI PRO 400H. With it’s soft grain, pastel colors and beautiful skin tones, it is the perfect film for your wedding and portraits!

There is just something about a photograph taken with film. You can ‘see and feel’ the difference between a film image and a digital image.

The ‘feel’ of the film image  – ‘soft, romantic and colorful’

The pace of your wedding day photography is a little slower due to the nature of taking photographs with film.

Each photograph is thought out, composed and then with the right exposure setting, taken.

I am always in the moment with you, not missing that ‘one perfect shot’ of you due to double checking the back of the digital camera to make sure I got the shot I want.

I make sure I have the perfect composition, settings and expressions before I expose the film.

I would like to invite you to coffee or a lite lunch to discuss your wedding with you!

And see if shooting your wedding with film is for you!

If you are interested, please due Inquire!